Lee Elias, Team Strategist

My name is Lee Elias and I work with teams to create a championship culture…

It is my belief that for sustained winning and championships to be possible a team must have three ideals; talent, tactics and a total team bond. I work with teams, coaches and players to strategize, create & maintain that team bond based on a total team-first philosophy. No team has ever won without it, and no team ever will.

My philosophy when working with teams all starts with trust. I hope to begin earning yours with this website.

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Three things need to be present for continued winning to take place; Talent, Tactics and a Team Bond.

Most coaches understand that tactics and talent are needed to win - a team bond is just as, if not more, essential. What most coaches don't know is that a team bond is not an organic happening, its something that needs to be crafted, implemented and then nurtured throughout the entire season.
We all define trust differently depending on our backgrounds and upbringings. Creating a clear definition of trust and how it applies throughout the season is the consummate starting point for any team.
Every team, every year is different. Finding the storylines and messages that make your team who they will give your team purpose, and and edge.
Your team will face many threats throughout the season - you can prepare for all of these before the season starts.

Every team I work with, whether sports or business, is different and requires a custom road map to creating “the bond”. Finding the answer to questions like these are essential to creating and maintaining the unique bond for your group that is necessary to create a championship culture.

My job when working with sports teams is to ask and help answer questions like these and create a plan to give you the extra edge needed to win.

Building teams is my passion, LET'S TALK about how I can assist yours…



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No team has ever won without a team bond, and no team ever will



  • Coached at high school, collegiate and professional levels
  • Owner of Multiple Successful Businesses
  • Associate Professor Drexel University
  • Masters in Sports Management from Drexel University
  • Hockey Development Coach at all levels


  • Championship Winning Coach
  • Award Winning Author (WIN and Think Like A Fan)
  • Speaker at Philadelphia Coaches Conference
  • Head Writer on Championship Traits blog
  • Pennsylvania Sports Coaching Leadership Ambassador

Recent Work

Peterborough Phantoms Assistant Coach:
  • 2014 Ashes Champions
  • 2015 EPIHL Play-off Champions
  • 2015 Ashes Champions
  • 2016 EPIHL League Runner-Up
  • 2016 EPIHL Cup Finalists
  • 2016 Ashes Champions
  • 2017 EPIHL Cup Finalists

Start Winning Now!

Winning isn't easy. If it were everyone would do it. In reality, each year only one team can win the top prize - our goal is to make that you!

There is an often overlooked and essential ingredient beyond the talent and tactics needed in order to find success. It is something that all championship teams share and something that is so sacred in sport that it is rarely talked about. Whether it is a team rising from its own ashes to become dominate again or the miracle David versus Goliath scenarios where teams beat seemingly impossible odds to defeat a much better opponent, the common trait shared between them all is an impenetrable team bond.

If you are looking for the edge to get your team to the next level, contact us and let's discuss how we can help you get there.

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